What will TowerCrest do?

  • Carry out a historical audit of invoices from your electricity suppliers (up to 6 years previously) and identify areas of incorrect charges.
  • Have these overcharges refunded and reimbursed to yourself.

What is historical invoice auditing?

  • The identification of all the individual elements that combine to create a contract price and the verification that each of those elements is correct. Historical invoice auditing isolates incidents of overcharges that have been made to customers using faulty contract prices.

The Process

TowerCrest will:

  • Require a contractual agreement to proceed.
  • Request a letter of authority in order to approach the supplier in question.
  • Need access to suppliers invoices and contracts (minimum last 12 months).
  • Identify potential problem areas.
  • Within 6 weeks present results, analysis and actions required.
  • Agree with yourself the refunds to be actioned.
  • Negotiate all refunds on your behalf with the supplier.
  • Not charge you if no errors are identified.
  • Share a percentage of the refund as their fee.

Who can benefit from our services?

  • Customers who have little understanding of deregulated energy markets.
  • Customers that are energy dependent and need to control costs.
  • Customers with agreed procurement contracts.
  • Customers with multiple sites can especially benefit.
  • Customers who care about the bottom line.

TowerCrest speciality sectors:

  • Leisure
  • Hotel
  • Food Manufacture
  • Packaging Manufacture
  • Engineering
  • Utility Suppliers
  • High Street Retai
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Educational Institutes